Individual Sessions – Functional Integration

Private Feldenkrais lessons, called Functional Integration®, help you with specific questions related to anything involving movement: chronic pain, injury recovery, balance, posture or improvement of some aspect of yourself, such as an athletic or artistic practice. The lesson is tailored to you, to support your neuromuscular organization.

In Functional Integration® lessons, a practitioner uses gentle, non-invasive touch, and sometimes verbal instructions. They are done fully-clothed, usually lying on a low table. Some lessons might involve activities in sitting or standing. They are personalized specifically for each client.

One lesson is a great chance to experience the Feldenkrais Method. But a series of lessons will be more effective in creating change in the sphere of movement that concerns you, whether creating ease, enhancing performance or improving your self knowledge and self image.

Contact me for more information, fee schedule or to schedule a lesson.