Private Sessions

Private Feldenkrais lessons, called Functional Integration®, help you with specific issues including chronic pain, injury recovery, balance, posture or improvement of some aspect of yourself, such as an athletic or artistic practice. The session is focused to support your comfort, ease and learning.

While traditional Functional Integration® lessons are a hands-on practice, I also offer live online lessons, so that my clients can continue to move toward their goals, ease pain, and improve their comfort, even in this time of disruption and isolation. Especially now, the Feldenkrais Method offers valuable tools to live better and become more resilient.

We’ll begin our work together by talking about what your goals or interests are – pain management, stress relief, performance enhancement, transformation or curiosity. During in-person Functional Integration®, I use gentle, non-invasive touch, and sometimes verbal instructions. You remain fully clothed during the lesson, most of which will be lying on a low table. In online Functional Integration®, we work verbally, with the client following my guidance to explore specific movements and relationships. Most lessons will be lying down, but some might involve activities in sitting or standing, or other actions related to your needs.

We will then make a plan for how we will work together toward your movement goals. A package of lessons is the most efficient and cost effective way to create lasting change in your self, creating ease, enhancing performance or improving your self knowledge and self image.

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